अनमोल रतन – 8
May 4, 2022
My Ultimate English Grammar & Composition – 2
May 6, 2022

My Ultimate English Grammar & Composition – 1



The ‘My Ultimate English and Grammar Composition’ is a series of eight books for classes 1 to 8. The series has been carefully framed to simplify the learning of English grammar by making it learner-centric. The approach adopted in the series is a happy blend of time-proven methodologies and real-life applications of teaching English grammar.

Salient features of this series:
  • Mind Opener is the introductory task featuring short narratives, warm up tasks, dialogues and questions.
  • Definitions are given in simple and lucid language and are accompanied by suitable examples.
  • Top Up highlights additional facts related to the concept.
  • In a Nut Shell summarise the concepts to help students retain the knowledge gained.
  • Let’s Practise is a reiteration of the concepts learnt in the lesson through exercises.
  • Test Papers act as a ready reckoner to gauge the learning that has taken place and students can use them as a self-assessment tool.
  • Comprehension has been included to inculcate reading and understanding habits of unseen passages.
  • Composition deals with traditional as well as modern forms of writing tasks.
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