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July 11, 2020
July 12, 2020




I.T Skills is a computer textbooks designed for classes 1 to 8. It is based on a comprehensive curriculum graded according to the latest guidelines of National Curriculum Framework (NCF), NCERT and all major state boards. It covers Windows 10 operating system and various software application, including MS Office 2016, Scratch, LOGO, Tux Paint, Small basic, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Python, etc.

Special Features of the Series –
  • Text is presented in a clear and simple language, well supported by illustration and real-life examples.
  • All the concepts have been presented in a lucid and student-friendly manner.
  • Let’s Begin section at the beginning of each chapter give a brief insight of the chapter in dialogue form.
  • Do You Know boxes impart extra information and interesting facts about the concerned topic.
  • Book Up provides a quick recision of important terms used in the chapter.
  • Testing Time incorporates assorted exercises to evolve the conceptual understanding of students
  • Activity Time provides an integrated approach to learn and add value to the long term growth of a child.
  • In the Computer Lab comprehensive activities that reinforce understanding and help to develop practical computer skills.
  • Tips for student to enhance their knowledge.
  • Teacher’s Note includes teaching ideas and tools in teaching methodology for the teachers.
  • Open Source Web Tool provides information about open-source software and the online link to access that software.
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