Crazy Kalakaar – 5
July 12, 2020
Olympiad Exam
August 19, 2020

Crazy Kalakaar -A



“ Crazy Kalakaar”, is a captivating series of amalgamation of Art, Craft and Activity books, intended to give children ample opportunity to experiment and express themselves them selves with a wide range of ideas, materials, textures, colors and forms. The books are based on series of live workshops conducted with children of various age groups.

The Art section starts with simple drawings and coloring, and gradually lead the students to skill building through more complex work like landscape, still life drawing, given models, drawing, color shading and painting techniques.

The Craft Section introduces young minds to the wondrous realms of craft, by teaching the use of certain techniques while working with different mediums and materials like clay, glass, cardboard, wood, paper, paints, wool, grains and items of daily use. The activity section aims to build the hand-eye coordination movements of the child and development is high on my mind fueling the tender age full of energy and imagination. The art, craft and activities keep the child busy, happy and creative

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